Lately you have been seeing blog posts here of me having super full and long hair. I didn’t make a secret out of it that I was wearing hair extensions. I always wanted to try out extensions but somehow I didn’t dare to do it. I remember when I was 18, I cut my long hair to have a Victoria Beckham bob, which was so hot back in the days. I didn’t take long and I wished to have my long hair back and I wanted to have extensions so badly. But I was still going to school, my parents said no and that was basically it. I grew my hair and never cut a bob again. Nevertheless, from to time to time I caught myself thinking about to try hair extensions out. Not only to have long(er) hair but also to have thicker hair.

Especially since I started my blog this year, the idea of hair extensions was back in my head. I was thinking it would be so nice to put in some artificial hair just to have a great hair style when doing outfit and fashion posts.

By chance KoKo Couture got my attention. I was looking online for hair extensions and came across the KoKo Couture online shop where a huge variety of different hair extensions is offered. KoKo Couture offers different colors, different lengths and different hair structures. But I was insecure, when ordering online if the hair color they sell would match my natural hair color. Luckily, KoKo Couture offers the opportunity of free color matching service. So I used this service and got recommended to order the ENVY 3 Weft in Toffee Brown.

When the hair extensions arrived I was so positively surprised. The hair comes in really high-quality, which you see on the first view but you also feel the high-quality. At first, I was thinking, that they sent me real human hair extensions, because the hair seemed so natural. But it is synthetic hair, which is why the price is so great. I can really recommend the free color matching service as the color of the extensions matches my natural hair color almost perfectly!

The KoKo Couture hair extensions comes with a quantity of hair of 240 g and a length of 22″-24″ inches, which is quite a lot of hair for only £19.99. This is pretty fair in terms of the quality of the product.

The so called Deluxe clip-in hair extensions are really easy to use because you just clip it in your real hair and then it’s already done and you can leave the house.

When using KoKo Couture hair extensions consider the following points for maintenance:

  1. Brush hair before washing
  2. Add a small amount of shampoo to lukewarm water, and gently wash and rinse the hair
  3. After washing, soak the hair in water, apply conditioner for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly
  4. Squeeze out the excess water and hang until completely dry
  5. Run your fingers through the hair before combing
  6. When combing, start at the ends and work upwards, gently towards the roots. Please take extra care when combing curly hair

Use heat up to 180 degrees in Celsius. Do not use higher temperatures as that will damage the fibre.

You find the direct link to the ENVY 3 Weft in Toffee Brown here:


In relation to information within the post, please could you mention all the basics about the hair? This will be within the description of the product if you need it for reference. That includes, weight, price, length and care.

See my wearing my KoKo Couture Hair Extensions here:

One Bag – Three ways to wear it

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  1. Wow, this looks really amazing and sounds so easy.
    I realy have to try it .
    Warum schreib ich eigentlich Englisch?
    Liebe Grüße
    Bei mir gibt es übrigens zur Feier meines neuen Blogdesin 8 kostenlose Wallaper, vielleicht magst ja mal vorbeischauen.

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