Braun Silk-épil – bis zu 4 Wochen glatte Beine | Review

Braun Silk-épil – bis zu 4 Wochen glatte Beine 

Der Braun Silk-épil – bis zu 4 Wochen glatte Beine werden in der Werbung versprochen. In meinem Review verrate ich euch meine ganz persönliche Erfahrung mit dem pink-weißen Epilierer.

Habt ihr euch immer gefragt, ob epilieren weh tut und wenn ja, wie sehr? Wie lange die Haare wirklich weg bleiben? Funktioniert das wirklich oder ist das alles nur eine große Lüge der Werbung?


5 Timeless Designer Vintage Classic Pieces to invest in

Today I’m going to show you 5 timeless designer vintage classic pieces to invest in. You know an investment piece when it has been existing for years and still gets newly produced and bought. Another factor to recognize an investment piece as a proportional increase in the price. I personally share the opinion that classic pieces give a better return because they are timeless and therefor never go out of fashion. Special collections can be worth investing in, but in this case you have a higher risk that it will be out of fashion in some time.


How to style the crop top for weekends: H&M summer collection

Summer Crop Top Style

How to style the crop top for weekends

The question we always ask ourselves is how to style the crop top on a summer weekend. Because it’s hot and we also want to look hot, right. I accidentally found this H&M jersey skirt and belly top on H&M online. So I thought it’s cool and I wanted to give it a try. When I tried it on it was actually a bit tighter and shorter than I expected it. Respectively it looked different on the H&M model haha.